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“Most of us have heard the expression “you are what you eat.” Pam Braun has taken this to a new level with her cookbook, “The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook.” Incorporating sound science, a chef’s sensibility, an editor’s precision and common sense, this is a book you will use over and over again — all the while feeling good from enjoying her delicious recipes while knowing you’re doing something virtuous for your body. Plus, you’ll learn a great deal about nutrition along the way. Enjoy it — I have.”

— John Swartzberg, MD, FACP Clinical Professor, Emeritus UC Berkeley School of Public Health Chair, Editorial Board, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter University of California

“The evidence to support a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, low in fats and animal proteins is steadily evolving. Pam’s careful discussion of the benefits of certain foods and the potential harm of others is thoughtful and balanced. In addition, she has investigated food preparation data as it relates to cancer and included this often overlooked topic in her cookbook. As a cancer doctor for women, I found this cookbook to be a wealth of delicious and healthy recipes that I will be recommending!”

— BJ Rimel MD Associate Director for Gynecologic Oncology Clinical Trials Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Women’s Cancer Program Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

“It is not often that one can remark on such a well-written book as this. While it is true that you are what you eat, that is never more so than in this case. Patients with ovarian cancer need more than one medical miracle and certainly this just adds to the recipe of miracles. It is a pleasure to read this book. It is even more so to actually cook the food as written in this book. Very few of us can say that our life has been enhanced by something such as this, but I can honestly say this is true in this case. As an associate professor in gynecological oncology, it is unusual to encounter someone with both the intellect and the artistic endeavor, as demonstrated in this book of recipes. I highly recommend both from the hunger point of view and the artistic point of view as well.”

— Ronald S. Leuchter, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Gynecologic Oncology David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

“Pam Braun’s cookbook is a great resource from one survivor to another. These straight forward healthy recipes will help either a newly diagnosed patient or a longer term survivor take control of their diet and make healthy choices at a critical time.”

— Mary L Hardy, MD Former medical director of the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology Board Member of the Society of Integrative Oncology.

Read it. Eat it. You’ll love it!

— Tuesday Weld, Actress

I witnessed the early, middle, and late stages of Pam’s life-threatening battle with fallopian tube cancer. To my grateful astonishment, my friend survived with an energy, vitality, and enthusiasm unique to our 12 year social and professional relationship. With all respect to modern medicine, Pam credits extensive dietary research leading to these new and innovative ideas for food preparation. Perhaps Pam has inadvertently given birth to a whimsical new adage, “If it’s broke, fix it.”

— Dabney Coleman, Actor

“The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook contains an incredible number of recipes utilizing fresh and nutritious plant-based foods to create interesting and delicious vegetarian dishes. This cookbook is a must for anyone who wants to eat a diet that contributes to better health and aids in the prevention of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

Pam is a cancer survivor who was treated by me and has been cancer-free for many years. She firmly believes that her survival has largely been due to healthy eating practices. Recent guidelines issued by The American Cancer Society in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, April 2012, summarize results from many studies that suggest that adherence to a diet high in plant-based foods and lower in high fat foods may also help reduce the risk of reccurrence and increase survival for some cancers. There will be 1.5 million new cancer cases diagnosed this year. The majority of these cancers will be cured. It would be sad, if after fighting and winning the battle with cancer, one ignores the chance to prevent chronic illnesses and possibly reccurrence of cancer, because they did not adhere to a program of good nutrition and exercise. Therefore, we highly recommend the use of The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook for helping to achieve better health.”

— Raul R. Mena, MD Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine Medical Director of the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

“I loudly applaud The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook, written by a cancer survivor to educate and entertain the consumer. I have known Pam since her cancer diagnosis. During her chemotherapy treatments, and after she was cancer-free, she would often inquire about what type of diet she should incorporate into her lifestyle. Like so many people living with and surviving cancer, the ability to enhance recovery and potentially prevent a cancer recurrence with food and lifestyle choices becomes very empowering. However, the information on the benefits or harm of specific foods and additives is data challenged. Pam’s cookbook provides evidence based information to help the consumer make informed decisions. It is user friendly with flavorful, appealing, multi-ethnic food and recipe selections. I am proud to recommend this well done cookbook for healthy living.”

— Paula J. Anastasia RN, MN, AOCN Gyn-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

“Pam Braun has written an excellent and informed cookbook that is full of delicious and healthy recipes. As a survivor she brings a personal approach to how selecting colorful fruits and vegetables and a plant based diet may reduce the risk of cancer. I found the Appendices especially helpful as they identify the science behind the food choices she makes. I highly recommend this new addition to the cancer cookbook shelf.”

— Carolyn Katzin, MS, CNS Integrative Oncology Specialist Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology